Query Name: 14.m00425

Candidate fusion gene

Query Sequence:

Significant Ortholog Group Hits and their Scores:

N terminus C terminus
[Z] KOG0246 Kinesin-like protein 40 [S] KOG1426 FOG: RCC1 domain 46.4875115431005
[Z] KOG0243 Kinesin-like protein 39.5570329688403 [O] KOG0941 E3 ubiquitin protein ligase 41.4860721670754
[Z] KOG0239 Kinesin (KAR3 subfamily) 38.8888888888889 [S] KOG0783 Uncharacterized conserved protein, contains ankyrin and BTB/POZ domains 26.6159180996187
[Z] KOG0247 Kinesin-like protein 38.2477581835029 [S] KOG1427 Uncharacterized conserved protein, contains RCC1 domain 21.8112646628976
[Z] KOG0242 Kinesin-like protein 37.4848080015496 [T] KOG1428 Inhibitor of type V adenylyl cyclases/Neuronal presynaptic protein Highwire/PAM/RPM-1 5.24894422419381
[Z] KOG0240 Kinesin (SMY1 subfamily) 36.6666666666667
[Z] KOG0245 Kinesin-like protein 36.3636363636364
[Z] KOG0241 Kinesin-like protein 34.2857142857143
[Z] KOG0244 Kinesin-like protein 33.7807241485648
[Z] KOG4280 Kinesin-like protein 33.6649590255584

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BLAST of Query Sequence Location of Ortholog Group Hits